The Viral White Background Photoshop Actions & Lightroom Presets

Get Perfect Photos Auto-Magically

In 2018 I created the Product Shop POP! Actions for Product Photography. They went pretty viral (for me a nobody who is good at Photoshop) in certain corners of the internet and even after I went into retirement for health reasons people still tracked me down to get them (like literal stalking on my personal social media!)

So I have heard your cries and I’m back in business to save you from hours of editing drudgery. Now the Picture Perfect Actions for Photoshop and Picture Perfect Presets for Lightroom are back with a new name, but same auto-magic goodness. Grab them while you still can 😉

What People Are Saying …

Get the Goods …

For Control Freaks

Our Photoshop Actions give you the most control over your product photos. They are perfect for quick and easy fixes, more advanced corrections, and most importantly crisp white backgrounds.

Picture Perfect Actions

Perfect Product Photos Auto-Magically

You’ve snapped the perfect shot of your product, now what? If you’re not too familiar with photo editing or navigating Photoshop, getting your pics to look just right for your shop can bring on a ton of grey hair. And not the good kind that’s in right now. I get it. Now it’s time we change that.

You Don’t Have to Be a Photoshop Wizard

You don’t know Photoshop, but the good thing is, I do. In fact, I have over 15 years of Photoshop experience and I’ve used all my tips and tricks to create these stupidly simple actions to take your product photography from ugh to wow! All those common product photo problems you have will simply, poof!, go away. You just follow the clicks and I’ll let you take all the credit. Promise.

5 Reasons You Need These Photoshop Actions

1. Saving time and headaches in photo editing sounds good to you.
2. You don’t know what photo editing is. Eek!
3. You have Photoshop but it scares the bejesus out of you.
4. Your photos look like crap out of the camera.
5. You like it when people do nice things for you.


For Speed Demons

When speed and bulk editing our Lightroom Presets have you covered. Don’t worry you can still get a crisp white background with our special background brush.

Picture Perfect Presets

Perfect Photos Faster Than You Can Say Lightroom

Have a lot of photos to edit … Like a lot? No worries my Picture Perfect Presets will help you set up the perfect workflow to edit all of your photos so fast you will feel like your are cheating.

No Lightroom Experience Neccessary

You may be thinking this sounds great, but you need to learn another software program like Taylor Swift needs another Grammy. J/K of course Taylor needs another Grammy and you need these presets becasue I’ve got you covered … You don’t need to be an expert becasue these presets make editing super simple even if you’ve never opened Lightroom before in your life.

5 Reasons You Need These Presets & Brushes

1. You like to batch edit your photos
2. You want a simple editing workflow that does most of the work for you.
3. You think Photoshop is scary.
4. Your photos look like crap out of the camera.
5. You rather be listening to Taylor Swift than editing photos.


Why Choose?

Can’t choose? Get the best of both worlds at a special bundled price. Do you have trouble making big decisions? Well this one is kind of a no brainer. Save $10 when you bundle the presets and actions together.

Picture Perfect Bundle

The Perfect Duo

Swing both ways with the presets to speed up your workflow and actions for when your photos need a little bit more love.