Picture Perfect Actions


Photoshop Actions for Product Photography! Get perfect white backgrounds, brighten, sharpen, and perfect your images in seconds. No Photoshop expertise required.


Photoshop Actions Just for Product Photography

You’ve snapped the perfect shot of your product, now what? If you’re not too familiar with photo editing or navigating Photoshop, getting your pics to look just right for your shop can bring on a ton of grey hair. And not the good kind that’s in right now. I get it. Now it’s time we change that.

You Don’t Need To Be a Photoshop Expert

You don’t know Photoshop, but the good thing is, I do. In fact, I have over 15 years of Photoshop experience and I’ve used all my tips and tricks to create these stupidly simple actions to take your product photography from ugh to wow! All those common product photo problems you have will simply, poof!, go away. You just follow the clicks and I’ll let you take all the credit. Promise.

5 Reasons You Need These Actions

1. Saving time and headaches in photo editing sounds good to you.
2. You don’t know what photo editing is. Eek!
3. You have Photoshop but it scares the bejesus out of you.
4. Your photos look like crap out of the camera.
5. You like it when people do nice things for you.

Good think you kept scrolling or you would have missed this! I’ve also included
actions to create a variety of web templates including everything from Facebook, to
Instagram, to Business cards, and many more. See, worth it wasn’t it?


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